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Swapping Paint

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USED-excellent condition
Trade paperback, Pages:258
by: Joyce and Jim Lavene
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Glad Wycznewski lives for three things: NASCAR,cold beer,and his passionate wife, Ruby. Tailing the race circuit in an RV,the newlyweds stop in Concord, North Caroline-just down the road from Ruby’s hometown-for the Coca-Cola600.

But the excitement of race week stalls when a driver, Ricky Sanders, is found murdered. And to everyone’s shock,the prime suspect is another rookie driver, Ruby’s brother, Bobby!
An ex-cop from Chicago Glad would rather party on the in field than get mixed up in a murder investigation. But there’s no way he can hold back Ruby- as stubborn as she is beautiful-from trying to clear Bobby’s name. High on adrenaline and exhaust fumes, Glad shifts his detective instincts into overdrive before Rubyh’s good intentions put them on a collision course with the killer.

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