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L.C. Hayden has been writing for over 10 years. She has a masters degree in creative writing from UTEP. Her latest novel Why Casey Had to Die has been nominated for the coveted Agatha award.
L. C. Hayden’s Homepage

R.L. Hayden has been writing for about three years and is currently working on the second Rick and Sarina novel.
R. L Hayden’s homepage
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Bob Sanchez recently retired in Las Cruces, New Mexico, after working in New England as a senior technical writer, producing countless manuals and bulletins. Now he writes fiction and explores the desert with his wife. His published work includes short stories, book reviews, and magazine articles.

Tales of the Dark Tower is Donna Munch’s debut novel. In October 2003 Munch completed the Institute of Children’s Literature’s requisite course of study in writing for children and teenagers. Her work has since appeared in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and anthologies. Her children’s and adult’s poetry, ficion, and nonfiction garner local awards. President of the El Paso Writer’s League for the second hear, Munch also belongs to South West Writers, and the Sociey of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrations.
Donna Munch’s Homepage

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