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Fresh Authors Program

What’s in a book?
Now, that is a hard question. Some of us like to read to learn something-I’ll come back to this later.
Most of us want to be entertained. Personally, I’m getting pretty tired of some of the programming that appears on the boob tube. I’d much rather sit down with my favorite beverage and read quietly. This gives me some quality time with myself. We’ve heard about having quality time with our children or loved ones, but we also need some of that time for ourselves. This is the time we re-charge our battery’s, forget the latest hassles, and escape to where ever our heart desires.
Our favorite authors help us do this. But, have you noticed how some of them have fallen into a groove? It seems that they now have a program that they plug names, dates, places and story line into and the program grinds out another best-seller for them. Nothing wrong with that for most of us. In fact, our authors wish we had that program, but since we don’t, we have to take a “fresh” approach to our writing to get you, the readers, attention and hopefully gain a faithful fan.
Now, this brings me back to the learning stage we mentioned awhile ago. Personally, I like to learns something in every book I read (wasn’t like that when I went to school!). I don’t care if it is anything more than the correct pronunciation of a city’s name, or the fact that it has a huge beautiful Gothic cathedral. Sometimes, I even pick up a book that will teach me a lot of things, but the bottom line is that I want to be entertained, while having the chance to pick up something new. Our “fresh” authors depend on this to help get their books to you and keep them and their new ones in your hands.

Did you know?
The reason many of our “fresh” authors aren’t better known than they are is very simple. Economics. Would you as the main acquisitions officer for a big money making publisher chose an unknown name to fill your limited inventory with, or would you take trusted money makers like Grisham, Cussler, Roberts? If you wanted to keep your job, you need to be sure that your company keeps drawing those big bucks! Maybe you will risk one or two of your publishing slots for that year with a new author, but the company wants it big bucks so you will not be taking very many of them.
That is why there are many of us out here. We have great material, but the big houses just don’t have the time, or inclination to deal with us. Therefore, we are “fresh” author looking for an outlet to the market.

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