Why purchase our books?
Well, for one thing, most probably when you walked up and down the stacks at your local Barnes and Noble, you didn’t see our books. There is an excellent chance that the book was there, but as with most of the books, the spine was out and you just quickly skimmed the titles. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in that. I used to do it myself, before publishing a novel, and before my wife started getting her award nominated books on their shelves.

We just naturally tend to look for the latest Grisham, Cussler, Roberts, King, etc. While doing so is gratifying, we have been cheating ourselves! There are a tremendous amount of other “fresh” author novels out there. While a lot are self-published by some fly by night company that doesn’t give a hang for the editing, spelling, plotting, etc, others are just as good as the above mentioned best-sellers. Those are the ones we carry. Good quality, well plotted and well written novels.

As a group of authors ourselves, we are starting a “fresh author program”. Here you can be assured of great books that will be a pleasure to read, or you can be proud to give as presents. That brings me to one of our “fresh author” concepts. Not only will you be purchasing a high quality novel, but you have the unique experience of being able to have it autographed, or personalized by the author without having to cut into your busy schedule to attend a book signing at your local bookstore.

During the check-out process, there are two check blocks and a text entry block. Just check the block that applies, and fill in the way you want the author to sign the book. Remember, autographed and personalized books also make great gifts for your reading friends or loved ones.