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Meow is for Murder

$ 2.99 USD

USED-excellent condition
Paperback, Pages:261
by: Linda O. Johnston
new price:$6.99

When Jeff Hubbard’s vixen of an ex-wife, Amanda, asks for help avoiding her stalker, it’s all Kendra can do not to hiss an scratch. But when that stalker turns up daed in Amanda’s home she makes Kendra an offer she can’t refuse: solve the case, and Amanda will take her claws of Jeff for good. It won’t be easy: There’s a litter of suspects, two slinky Bengal cats are the only witnesses to the crime, and Jeff and Amanda seem cozier than ever. Worst of all, someone’s threatening th harm Lexie,Kendra’s beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniel. But the killer seems to have forgotten one very important fact… When it comes to crime solving, Kendra Ballantyne is the cat’s meow.

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