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Bleeding Hearts

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USED-excellent condition
Paperback, Pages:297
by: Susan Witig Albert
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Most of China’s time is taken by her thriving tea and herbal business. But she can’t refuse when Pecan Spring’s highs chool principal approaches her to conduct of football coach Tim Duffy. He’s handsome, charming, and married into a wealthy local family. He has also led the high school football team to victory in the Texas state championship twice, which makes him a saint as far as some people are concerned. But there’s one person who disagrees. An anonymous accuser had made shocking allegations of improper behavior that lead China to look into the coach’s past.

What she uncovers is a perplexing story of forbidden desire, deception, and a young woman’s untimely death. And the deeper China digs, the more she fears that the town’s beloved coach may be more dangerous than anyone knows-and that his latest obsession is about to hit all too close to her own home…

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