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Alien Log

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USED-excellent condition
Trade paperback, Pages:250
autographed to somebody
by: Robert Farrell
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Twenty-sevenyear old Wendy Ahearn is a brilliant,world-renowned linguist. Her passion for music is surpassed only by her love of teaching linguistics of the Ancient Middle East.
Dr. Corey Newton is the leading expert on qauntum gravity in the United States. Since graduating from MIT only three yeas ago, he has enjoyed his position as lead scientist for GravidDyne, an astrophysics think tank.
The two scientists are joined in an ABOVE TOP SECRET project under the direction of Colonel Pete Mitchell. Located in a secret military base buried within a montain, the team is charged by special order of the President to decode an Alien artifact. Time is critical ad failure could doom human civilaztion as we know it.
Besides the Prsident and the dying general who discovered it, the two members of Pete’s team are the only people on this planet who know the artifact exists.
At least that’s what everyone believes.

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